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Who We Are

Le Galeriste is the fusion of art and high fashion. The wearable art gallery showcases exclusive works of art from some of the world’s most respected artists, produced on high-end clothing made in Montreal (Canada) in limited and numbered editions.

The Design Process

Le Galeriste’s curators work with the gallery’s signed artists on a selection of artworks and set the artistic intent of the collaboration. The designers then place the art on the wearable canvasses (dress, blouse, button-down shirt, etc.). The creations are grouped into bimonthly exhibitions presented to the Collectors via the online gallery (

The Technique

True creation, whether it be in art or fashion, require genuine freedom of action. Traditional production and printing techniques trap the prints within the natural boundaries imposed by the seams and edges of the garments. To allow this level of freedom, Le Galeriste does not print on the garments per se. Instead, The threads are dyed using a sublimation technique applied one product at a time for optimal colour balance. It is an intricate and expensive process, but it ensures that the artwork never fades, and it does not alter the feel of the fabric, which has been custom-engineered for this specific production technique.

Individual pieces of fabric are then carefully sewn together at the company’s headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Completely local production guarantees the respect of the artist’s copyrights, as no third party is ever in contact with the artwork.

The Portfolio

The Portfolio is where we discover the artists. It is a feed of artworks uploaded by artists from all over the world wishing to catch the eye of our Curators, in the hopes of being selected for design and production. Collectors like you give their support by clicking on the art they would like to see produced. This voting process provides general data on which type of art or artists are trending, and specific data on what individual Collectors might want to see in their feed. The Portfolio is where the Collectors become patrons of the arts by supporting the artists they admire.