Get our Curators’ attention and be chosen to exhibit with Le Galeriste


Showcase your work in the Portfolio where our Curators and art directors spend most of their days and some of their nights combining your art with our high end garments produced in limited numbered editions in Montreal, Canada.


Le Galeriste Showcase

Your Wearable Art


We make wearable art. It’s all we do but we do it with devotion, skills and love. We are obsessed with the quality of the products we deliver to our Collectors.

Art-A-Porter Showcase


Your Wearable Art



In exchange for the right to produce an artwork on clothing, we offer royalties between 10% and 25%* on the online sales plus 5% on the wholesale sales made through a network of hundreds of carefully selected fashion stores across America and Europe.  
* 25% royalties when artist's page generates over $2,500 in a given yearly quarter, 20% when $1,000+, 15% when $500+ and 10% minimum.



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Your Art, Your Rights


You retain 100% of the rights to your artworks. We exchange royalties for your authorization to design & sell premium fashion products inspired by your artwork. You can add or remove art from your Portfolio at anytime. However, artworks that’ve been selected by the designers for a specific fashion collection available in stores (Spring-Summer 2019 for example) can only be made unavailable at the artist’s request once the season has ended.



Art-A-Porter Showcase 5



Your Art, Your Rights